Private Tutoring Reviews

Japanese lessons with Ruchika

Beginner | Conversation Classes

“Chika is an absolute star! She is so funny and easy to learn with, always calmly and clearly explains everything we cover as well as extra hints and tips in terms of things to buy and places to go whilst we are away. If it wasn’t for her I would be so so so lost trying to learn on my own! Thank you Chika and Ffion.”

– Lillie, UK

French tutoring with Georgia

Intermediate | A Level Tutoring

“Georgia is such an amazing tutor. Her lessons are always so enjoyable and informative. She is always smiling and happy which makes learning easier. She has really helped me to improve in skills such as translations and reading comprehension where we do exercises together to practise. I’ve gone from getting an average of 5/10 to 10/10 in translations thanks to Georgia’s help! Her notes and resources (such as PowerPoints) are also very helpful as they state what we have covered in the lesson and all the grammar rules to remember. At the start of each session, Georgia recaps what we did in the prior lesson which helps me to further enforce my knowledge and understanding of the topic. Her passion for French is really shown through her teaching which is very motivating and inspiring for me. I always look forward to having lessons with Georgia, she’s very kind and a fantastic tutor! I would highly recommend.”

– Charlotte, UK

French tutoring with Theo

Intermediate | A Level Tutoring

“From starting tutoring with Theo a quarter in of the school year to the end, my exam mark improved by 22% and took me to an A grade (the highest in my education system). Theo has helped me fill the gaps in my French knowledge around grammar and literature, and gives practical, honest feedback. The work he sets is simultaneously challenging and exciting which stretches me and furthers my love for the language. My confidence in speaking French has improved dramatically and I’ve gone from feeling lost when hearing French dialogue to realising I can understand what they are saying. I deeply value the tutoring I have received as it has encouraged me to pursue my French studies at a higher level.”

– Jordan, Australia

Online French Literature Course Reviews

A Fabulous Summer Course

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in French language and culture. Adam’s lectures were incredible and really helped me improve my French and my knowledge of French history. An amazing way to spend my Summer. Thank you so much Adam and Ffion! 

– Sophia, Yorkshire

Engaging and Informative

This course was wonderfully engaging and I learnt so much from it that I would never have learnt by myself. I loved how flexible it was, in case you missed a lesson or two and could watch back the recording. 10/10 would definitely try again

– Harriet, Hampshire

A Fascinating and Culturally Enriching Course

I completed the eight-week course over the summer of 2023, just after taking the French literature exams, which form part of my French baccalaureate. This course was fascinating and culturally enriching, as the works and extracts chosen were inspiring and thought-provoking. The diverse range of works, split into their respective genres over the weeks, spanned through works that I’ve studied previously and had some background knowledge on, to authors that I had heard of but never had the chance to explore, to literature that I was discovering for the first time. 

The quality of the tutoring was outstanding: Adam was always engaging in his teaching and created a space in which the group could bounce ideas off each other, or disagree and debate on our opinions about the extracts. Our tutor also provided detailed multifaceted context surrounding each author: major historical events, but also the author’s personal life story, and how it all fit into French society at that time.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend the course enough. It was the perfect way to bridge the gap during the holidays, and over the weeks it became a routine that I now miss!

– Grace, France

Varied and Helpful Course

I am really glad I had the opportunity to take part in the French literature course – it covered a wide and interesting range of genres and topics that I wouldn’t otherwise have learned about. I felt encouraged to speak up and join in with discussions.

– Gabrielle, Teesside, UK

French Literature Perspectives: Renaissance to Modern Times

Great overview covering several hundred years of French literature and significant literary figures and movement.
Taught in a very collaborative style and with focus.

– Siddhartha, London

Engaging, Thought-Provoking Course

A warm, friendly, inclusive group of students online to share Wednesday evenings with. We explored amusing, insightful extracts from the greats of French literature. Adam, our teacher, has a plethora of knowledge and understanding which he enthusiastically and sensitively disseminates.

– Sue, East Sussex, UK

Fascinating course with interesting reflections

Throughout the course, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to other people’s thoughts as well as Adam’s, adding different perspectives and thought-provoking ideologies. In addition, my favourite lessons were on Romanticism and Realism as I learned about a lot of new aspects to French literature. It is challenging but informative and definitely helps to develop your literature analysis, therefore I would highly recommend it.

– Louis, London

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