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Our approach

We believe that passion is what defines an Oxbridge student; the willingness and desire to expand one’s academic horizons, and to become an expert in one’s subject. 

This is why our approach focuses on transforming a student’s love for languages into a tangible record of language-related achievements, while helping them to explore their interests and find their ‘niche’. 


We want to provide students with the resources, support and opportunities to explore languages beyond the curriculum, and in so doing, to become a language expert. 

Oxbridge Admissions Mentoring

£55 per hour

Private Oxbridge Admissions Mentoring

One of our language specialists will guide you through the Oxbridge admissions process for languages, supporting you every step of the way. We currently offer application support in the following subjects: 

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Russian 
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Classics
  • Portuguese
  • Linguistics
  • Persian

Oxford or Cambridge?

At LinguaTute, we provide insight and information to our students about the differences between both applying to, and studying at, Oxford and Cambridge – because the differences are both numerous and significant.

We aim to inform students’ decisions so they can ultimately make the decision that is best suited to their interests, character, and long-term goals. 

How we support you

LinguaTute will introduce you to an experienced tutor who has studied languages at Oxford. They will support you in all aspects of your application, while providing valuable insight into the MML course and life at Oxford. 

Free resources for Oxbridge applicants

Visit our free resources page to find online resources and websites that can be helpful for students applying to study Modern Languages at Oxford or Cambridge.


Theo Jupp

BA French and German, University of Oxford



I have been supporting Oxbridge applicants in Modern Languages and its Joint Schools since my first year at Oxford. Many of those I have helped have gone on to receive offers.

Having achieved 96% in the MLAT and near-flawless scores in my admissions interviews, I am well-placed to know what applicants can do to increase their chances of success. I offer intensive MLAT practice and interview preparation (including mock interviews) to identify and resolve areas of weakness.

All successful applicants to Oxford and Cambridge are genuinely enthusiastic and curious about their subject. Conveying such enthusiasm to subject experts in a personal statement or at interview can seem intimidating. Increasing one’s subject knowledge is the only antidote; with this in mind, I offer all applicants tailored reading lists which play to their interests and could enrich their personal statement. I also systematically test oral fluency in the target language and knowledge of grammar.

Anna Zakonyi

BA Italian and History (2022), University of Oxford

Anna - Italian tutor

Through working as an Ambassador for three different outreach programs at Oxford, and being involved in over thirty events for prospective applicants and/or sixth form teachers since 2019, I have a unique insight into how the Oxbridge admissions system works and how students can best prepare to make an outstanding application. 


I have sat alongside admissions tutors on the Q&A panel for Oxford University Open Days and MML Faculty Teachers’ Conferences, delivered mock interviews in open day demonstrations, and supported applicants during the admissions interview week at Pembroke in 2019. I also mentored a group of year 12 students on the OxNET Modern Languages summer school in 2019, and was delighted to see two of my mentees accept offers from Oxford the subsequent year.

Anna - Italian tutor

I can offer personal statement and written work review, mock interview practice, admissions tests prep, and general application advice, with experience in applications to Oxford University for History, Modern Languages, and Sole or Joint Honours.

I spent three of the best years of my life at Oxford University, and I wholeheartedly encourage anyone with a passion for their subject to put in an application! If you feel you would benefit from one-to-one mentoring with me in preparation for your application, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Interested in studying languages at Oxford or Cambridge? Reach out now to discuss your application with us!

Interested in studying languages at Oxford or Cambridge? Reach out now to discuss your application with us!

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