Online Courses with LinguaTute
Terms and Conditions

1. Cancellation Policy

a. If you cancel with more than 3 weeks’ notice before the start of the course: 

You will receive a full refund. 



b. If you cancel with less than 3 weeks’ notice before the start of the course: 

You will receive a partial refund (2/3rds of the price of the course). E.g. for the French literature course, priced at £291, you will receive a refund of £194.



c. If you cancel after the start of the course:

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds once the course has begun. 

2. Payment plans

If your payment plan overlaps with the start of the course and we stop receiving payments from you during the course, then LinguaTute reserves the right to cease your participation in the course until we have received all up-to-date instalments. 

By booking this course using our payment plan option, you are entering a legally binding contract with LinguaTute Ltd. LinguaTute reserves the right to chase up any late or missing payments owed to the company. 

3. Consent to being recorded

All of the lessons on our online courses are recorded for our students’ convenience. This allows students to rewatch lessons at a later date or to catch up on any missed lessons. When booking this course, students consent to being recorded during these lessons, and to their image being included in future marketing by LinguaTute (e.g. pictures of the online classes being uploaded on the LinguaTute website). If you would like to opt out of this, please email to do so. 

4. University applications

Many students taking part in LinguaTute’s online courses will be considering applying to university. 

Please be aware: 

a. Our teachers will not act as UCAS referees for any students on these courses, as we do not feel that the teachers of these short courses meet the requirements of a referee (who should be well acquainted personally with the student and their work over an extended period of time).

b. We will not endorse any written work produced on our course being submitted under the ‘written work’ requirements for Oxford or Cambridge. This written work is meant to have been produced in the usual course of your studies at school and should have been marked by your school teachers. In extenuating circumstances (for example if you have left school), then we may consider supporting you in this case, however this will be based on individual circumstances and must be discussed beforehand with a representative of LinguaTute (please email to raise this discussion). 

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